Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Good day!

As the demand for FREE online computer support increases, demands for computer-related resources are increasing too. This encouraged me to create a blog to contain links to those resources to make it easier for our fellow technicians to get their hands on those that they need to either enhance their personal experience or to serve others with all the best that they can.

This blog will be organized by Category. Each category will signify to a specific group of contents to help it make easier to locate the files or links that you need. In this case, if it happens that a link is not working, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook group page, posting a comment or writing to us via E-mail.

I hope you'll enjoy browsing the things that you want in here.

Looking forward to helping you all.

Happy learning and more power to us all.

The Online Technician Administrators

NOTE: This blog is still on BETA. If any error may occur, please feel free to write to us via E-mail at chiefintel@gmail.com or report the error at our Facebook Group Page.